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We are a CPA firm undercutting the rates of the tax preparation chains that shut down after April 15th each year. We are now in the mode of moving to a paperless office with our virtual office model. We store your data on our server with mirror drive. We pass the savings to you as our cost of data storage and data retrieval is reduced. We have driven the cost of tax preparation to a point that it is not efficient for you to prepare your taxes if you add the dollar value of your time. Electronic filing of Individual taxes is not an extra but our standard operating procedure. We still have the paper filing available for the traditional clients.

We provide a fixed fee ($50.00) tax preparation for full time students. The same rate applies to senior citizens.

Our average fee ($95.00) applies to most individual tax returns. Our range of fee varies under $95.00 for simpler returns. In some cases the fee can be higher due to extensive data manipulation and complex tax issues. Our primary focus is on minimization of your taxes consistent with the Code, Regs and Tax court decisions.

We still have a few clients bringing their data in person and then picking up their tax return in person. Majority of our clients mail their data to our Post Office Box and we mail their tax return back. We also have a few clients using the Internet to send their data. We also have a Client Tax Organizer on the net for your data.

We do not shut down or take a vacation after April 15th, because of the volume of late work coming to our office after April 1st. We may prepare the automatic extension to file your taxes. We try to complete your tax return during April. An extension to file taxes is not an extension to pay taxes if you owe taxes. Please send us E-mail or call us if you have any questions about our services.

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